There are a number of reasons why we’re entering the print industry, but here’s one you may not have realized: helping small business.  When we first started figuring out what we wanted Stand4 to be, we were focused solely on organizations with a social and environmental missions.  At our core, that’s what we believe in, so that’s who we were going to help.  But it soon became clear that by building a system that only let our company help them, we were limiting ourselves.  We were building a great service, but bottle necking it’s potential impact.  So, we reevaluated.  Why not build a system that gives other companies ways to help too?  In building a system like that, those companies that give help will benefit just as much as those who receive help – and not just in warm and fuzzies, but in tangible bottom line benefits.

So we built 4:Print – a service to get custom prints and products made; a service that would bring small business into the equation. With 4:Print, we believe we’ll be able to help both small business and mission driven organizations grow.

“Local ownership matters in important ways.  Smaller, locally owned businesses, it turns out, provide higher long-term economic growth.” – Stephan Goetz, Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics at Penn State


In the online printing arena, small businesses are a huge customer base.  Not all businesses are big enough to attract attention from the major printers of the world – but just because their budgets aren’t massive doesn’t mean they don’t need service.  They still need business cards to give out, posters to communicate values and coffee mugs to remind people about them.  That’s a big reason that we’ve entered the online printing space – to give phenomenal customer service (and products) to the small businesses that boost local economies.

4:Print & Small Business

In this space, we’re all customer service.  That’s what we do.  It’s why we’ve partnered with printers who make great products – so we can focus all of our energy on making sure that it’s a great experience for our customers: small businesses. These are products that are good for growth, cut their costs, give them tax deductions and save them time.

On top of ‘bottom line’ reasons for using 4:Print, there are intangibles that will help small business grow – because giving back drives loyalty, and connecting with local causes grows meaningful networks.   Actions communicate values – and by giving businesses an easy way to communicate their values through simple business costs, we hope to draw customers back to those local businesses.

So the next time someone needs their car fixed or their taxes done or chooses a place to go on their night out, who are they going to choose?  A chain? Or a local business that stands for cancer research or education or firefighters; that stands for a cause that affects their son or their mother or their friend of a friend of a friend? The answer is pretty easy.

4:Print is rolling out soon.  Stay tuned or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when it does.

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